Softball Bat Standards Announcement

USSSA has a long history with 1.20 BPF standard developed on principals of physics by Dr. Richard Brandt of NYU. While the current standard of 1.20 BPF for softball bats remains in our view the appropriate level for competition, the current generation of composite bats is susceptible to alteration and improvement with overuse. As such, USSSA attempted to address the issue by providing stiff penalties for those who use altered bats and is attempting to help develop an on field testing device to determine when bats might through overuse or alteration exceed the 1.20 BPF standard. In addition, USSSA has reduce the compression (that is hardness of the ball) used in slow pitch from at one time in excess of 700# to 325# for today's balls. And lastly, USSSA has reduced the weight of the ball, again in an attempt to maintain the proper competitive level of play. With all of that done, USSSA still finds the possibility of altered and overused composite bats to be a concern.

Effective January 1, 2013
•All Bats must have the new permanent USSSA Mark on its taper OR Be a Wood Bat

ALL of the above must be manufactured by an approved USSSA Bat License